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I’ll prove my backlinks work. So, in the 1st 30 days, if you don’t like the SEO work done, we part ways. No financial commitment to you.

What’s the fee?

Your 1st 30 days of SEO work is $97 USD. If you don’t like the month-end results, I will REFUND your $97. If you like the work, you complete an invoice for $2,400 USD. Ongoing monthly work is $2,497 per month, paid at the beginning of the month.

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To view SEO Backlink Specifics, please read the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Andrew Izumi

Conversion Publishing LLC

Who is Andrew?

Andrew is a proud alumni of The George Washington School of Engineering. He pursued a career in sales engineering, where he ranked nationally in the top 5% of all District Managers. Andrew utilized these expert skills to start a business. He wrote books for himself and others before writing with SEO intent. By combining his engineering techniques and writing tactics, Andrew helps companies grow their presence through organic search traffic. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys fishing, rock climbing, and music.

SEO – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of pages do your backlinks come from?
    • Pages are niche/topic specific to you. E.G. I will NOT backlink from a fashion webpage to a education page.
  • Are your links DoFollow or NoFollow?
    • All of our links are DoFollow and can be easily tracked on your side or viewed from my report.
  • Where is my backlink placed on your page?
    • Alll backlinks are located in the body of my article content. I do not use sidebars or comment’s sections for linking.
  • Can I choose the anchor text or what will it be?
    • All articles are pre-written, so the anchor text cannot change. The text linked are high value keywords or phrases.
  • What DA do your web domains have?
    • Everyone starts by receiving backlinks from domains with a DR score or 0-20.
  • Is your content fresh and relevant right now?
    • I continue to write articles in order to stay up on market trends. Some articles may be new, but the root domains are seasoned.
  • Do all of your links come from the same domain?
    • On average, your first order will come from 5 different domains. New domains may be chosen in the future.
  • How much “link juice” do your backlinks have?
    • For the strongest results, ONLY 1 backlink is placed per article. Those tier1 articles have 1-5 additional supporting tiers of backlinks pointed to them. [ANSWER: A LOT]